Top E-Cigarettes Ireland Review

For those of you who want an alternative to smoking, the E-Cigarette feels like a standard cigarette and tastes like a standard cigarette, But it is actually a healthier alternative to smoke. This E-Cigarette is the perfect solution for people who want an alternative to smoking.

The E-Cigarette is a non-flammable invention that uses high-tech micro-electronic technology which gives people who smoke a real smoking experience but without the tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, fire, ash, cigarette butt or odour found in standard cigarettes. The electronic alternative cigarette gives smokers the opportunity to smoke in a much healthier way, it also gives you the freedom to smoke everywhere you choose.



The smoker will still get their nicotine buzz, but they won’t get any harmful side effects of smoking standard cigarettes which contain tobacco. The electronic cigarette gives smokers many advantages over the standard cigarettes. The E-Cig doesn’t contain any tar or other chemicals which are produced in standard cigarettes. The E-Cig is a non-flammable product and it is free from pollution and not dangerous to other people.

There is no danger of passive smoking and it is re-usable. Most people who smoke enjoy the extensive and emotional feelings of smoking. The electronic cigarette provides smokers with similar emotional and physical feelings they get from smoking a real cigarette, without the danger that comes with traditional smoking.

We promote the GreenSmoke which is one of the most reliable E-Cigarettes & out performs most others on the Irish market today.

How Does It Work

When you inhale through the mouthpiece a sensitive micro pressure switch activates the rechargeable battery and micro-electronics which immediately causes the vapour device to vaporise a tiny drop of the cartridge liquid. The vapour contains vaporised nicotine within the ‘mist’ which in turn is delivered straight to the blood stream via the lungs giving you that instant ‘smokers fix’ and a relief from cigarette craving.