3 Best Brands Review

VaporFi e-cigs Review

V2 Electronic Cigarettes

V2 E-Cigs starter kit reviewThis product is not only high quality, it also comes with a lifetime warranty and has a money back 30-day guarantee.It includes Cartridge, batteries, accessories, disposables, e-liquid and starter kit. The beginners kit goes for $34 while the more popular standard kit retail at $59.95, with the standard kit plus going for $99.95. Others include the couples kit(2 standard kits) for 114.95 and the ultimate kit which retails at $179.95. This product can be ordered directly from their website.

VaporFi Electronic Cigarettes

VaporFi e-cigs ReviewThis is a relatively new brand in the market, it offers a wide array of quality brands. There are a variety of starter kits, nicotine dose, batteries, flavours and advanced vaporisers. It is possible to create your own customised mix and match blends and comes in different sizes and colours. It is equipped with both a battery and a puff tracking meter. With the starter kit going for $29.99 this product can be ordered online on their direct website.

Green Smoke E-Cigarettes

This is considered the best electronic cigarette so far. It currently maintains a top spot in the market and has garnered a client base of over 3.5Million. They have a reputation for exemplary customer service on call, they are definitely in their own league, with flavour max technology and a 2-piece assembly system. Their most popular kit is non-other than the pro kit which retails at only $99.97 and comes with free shipping as well as a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. This product among many can be ordered on their official website

Green Smoke e-cigarettes review