Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Cigarettes

This is a great way to quit smoking: A lot of people who managed to stop after years of smoking have attributed their success to the E-cigarette which gradually reduces the level of nicotine in the body. This eventually diminishes the urge to smoke.
-Same smoking sensation: Even with no smoke or smell, this cigarette will offer the same fulfilment and does not deprive the user off the feeling that comes with smoking a traditional nicotine cigarette.

Pauses less risks to your health: Only nicotine flavoured vapor is smoked by the user and no smoke or tar is inhaled and exhaled to others. This will bring less harm, especially to the lungs and arteries.

Flexible: They can be smoked almost anywhere. Whenever the urge to smoke strikes, you can pull out an e-cigarette, it causes no health hazard to anyone and does not emit smoke making it very environmentally friendly.


  • -This cigarette is safe, it contains no nicotine which has greatly reduced the number of deaths that result in heart disease as well as slowing the rate of lung and throat cancer.
  • -When smoking an E-cigarette, it is less messy as no ash will be falling off or filter waiting to be disposed after smoking.
  • -Since it produces no smoke and has no smell, you do not have to spend a few minutes in isolation because it is safe to use even around non-smokers.
  • -This type of cigarette is very cost effective especially for heavy smokers. One electronic stick cigarette is reusable and only the cartridge is reloaded once empty. To further save a few dollars, it is also possible to buy the liquid in bulk and re-fill it yourself.


  • -The user may have to try out different E-cigarettes before settling on one as they have different flavours. Although not a must, it is advisable because it will be used for a long time to come.
  • -Due to the similarities in between the traditional and electronic species of cigarettes, some non-smokers will still raise eyebrows despite the fact that they smell no odour or see no smoke. it is recommended to inform the management of a venue and explain to the non-smokers.
  • -If left with debris, the lifespan of the E-cigarette cloud reduced drastically if not cleaned. Although this happens with most product, the E-cigarette can be maintained by wiping the brass contact and disposing the atomiser regularly.