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V2 E-Cigs starter kit review

E-Cigarette Starter Kits!

Welcome to the world of E-Cigarette Starter Kits! Choosing the right E-Cigarette starter kit for you can often times be very difficult because of the huge variety of electronic cigarette starter kits out there. Many men and women have actually buried the idea of switching to E-cigs because of that! There are literally hundreds and hundreds of different types of e-cig starter kits around there and because of that, it may seem like an impossible task to choose the best one out of all of them.

Not anymore..

We make it easy for you to start using E-cigarettes! We don’t list dozens of electronic cigarette stores that sell dozens of different starter kits, we only list the BEST ONE at the moment! This is because we want to make stop smoking and switching to E-cigarettes as easy as possible for you. Electronic cigarettes truly are the best alternative to smoking when you still wish to keep enjoying the pleasures of smoking, but without the health risks of the traditional tobacco. Not to mention that you will also save a significant amount of money each year!

Recommended V2 Starter Kit

ecigstarterkitsA good example of these e cigarette starter kits is the V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit. This is considered as one of the most classy of all the starter kits. This kit contains almost everything that one could ever dream of. V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit manufacturer always allows their customers to set their kit rights on their website. This allows customers to choose their own battery type, color, nicotine strength and the cigarette flavor. This starter kit costs $149.95 and previously it used to cost $179.95 meaning that you can save up to $30 if you get to purchase one of these kits. This price is temporarily on offer which means that one should get one before the price goes back to the regular one.

Another one of the e cigarette starter kits is this one called Green Smoke Starter Kit. These kits have been used more often because of their quality. They have a good vapor flavor which comes in two types. The first one is the Vanilla flavor, a very yummy flavor especially when you are having a cup of Starbucks! The other flavor is the tobacco blend which is always consisting of the Red and Gold Label. The Green Smoke starter kit costs only $92.00 from its previous price of $129.25. This kit comes with a total of 10 cartridges, 4 rechargeable batteries, 2 cartridge packs, a wall adapter, a care adapter and a carrying case.


There is no correlation between the price and quality of e-cigarette hardware.

The Most expensive e-cig I’ve ever bought was the worst one I’ve ever vaped.

Vaping technology varies greatly; the price you pay for an e-cigarette has nothing to do with the quality of technology. All e-cigarettes consist of 4 components: A battery, heating element, and a tank or cartridge. The quality of each component is determined by its durability, ease of use, versatility, and performance. Price is largely determined by whatever the retailer feels like charging. This is because e-liquid vaping technology is relatively new, and vapers are often experimenting, lack knowledge, and therefore, lack sensitivity to price.

The aim of this review is to educate the new and old vaping community in quality info and reviews, about the market trends from vaping sector.