E-Liquids & Flavours

Today you can get any flavour there are simply hundreds of them. The most popular are Menthol, Tobacco and Benson and Hedges. The nicotine levels in the e-liquid makes the difference. Look on your cigarette packet for the nicotine mg and then match as per below.

E-liquid level strengths 24mg to 36mg of nicotine this is high, ideal for your cigarettes with a nicotine level of 1.5mg or over.

From 18mg to 16mg of nicotine this is classed as a medium for cigarettes with a nicotine level of 1.4mg to 1mg.

From 12mg to 9mg this is classed as low for cigarettes with a nicotine level of 0.9mg to 0.5mg.

If your brand of cigarette is below 0.4mg then the e-liquid with no nicotine in it is ideal for you unless you are smoking 40 of them a day, I would recommend that you go for 7mg of nicotine in your e-liquid.

The art to electronic cigarettes is to find the right atomiser and e-liquid which you like so there will be a lot of trial and error finding this combination. Vaping has become a hobby to a great deal of people and has got a lot of people talking about this new way of taking nicotine that smoking never did. I believe this could be as it is still in its infant stages but is evolving at a rapid pace and both the e-cigarettes and e-liquid are getting better and better making it difficult to keep up with the latest in both e-cigarette Atomisers and e-liquids. The best thing to do is to find an e-liquid that you like and buy a different flavour now and then just to try you never know it could be better than your normal e-liquid. Go on experiment do not get stuck with the same old same old!!

What is E-Liquid Made Of

E-liquid is made up of PG propylene glycol and VG vegetable glycerine nicotine and flavourings. Propylene Glycol is used in many products that you will have in your household today including foods, soap, shampoo and hand lotions etc. Propylene Glycol turns into a vapour at a low temperature this is why it is ideal as an e-liquid and has been classed as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration GRAS for human consumption. VG, Vegetable Glycerine is a natural extract mainly from palm and is used as a sweetener so if you use sweeteners in tea or coffee you are using Vegetable Glycerine the higher the percentage of VG in your e-liquid the sweeter it will taste it will also be thicker. There are two other ingredients in your e-cigarette e-liquid the third one is Nicotine as we all know nicotine is found in tobacco plants and is addictive this is why we find it difficult to give up smoking as we crave for nicotine. The final element is flavouring these are flavourings that you would find in foods. Most e-liquids are Propylene Glycol 80% and Vegetable Glycerine 20% less your nicotine level if this was 18mg this means 1.8% if it was 9mg this means 0.9% the highest nicotine level is 36mg 3.6% and the lowest can be 5mg 0.5%.

If you are new to e-cigarettes we thought that you might like to know who are the major manufacturers of e-liquid. Most e-liquids are made in China but the two premium Chinese e-liquid factories are Hangsen and Dekang these two companies provide good quality e-liquid so you know you are getting a quality e-liquid. We sell both Hangsen e-liquid and Dekang e-liquid and are pleased to be one of the major UK suppliers of these products. Atomise like to support British Industry and are pleased to announce that we now stock T-Juice the major e-liquid manufacturer in England. T-Juice is possibly the best e-liquid on the market today and made right here in the UK, the guys at T-Juice really know their stuff when it comes to e-liquid. T-Juice might be a bit more expensive but it is well worth the extra few pence and besides you will be supporting British industry. The real art to vaping is trying as many e-liquids as possible with different clearomizers, most people tend to find one e-liquid they like and stick to it, we did this with cigarettes you would find one brand and only buy those until you made an effort to change. It is well worth buying spare clearomizers and different e-liquids you can simple change to whatever suits your mood.