What eLiquids Are Right for You

E-Cigarette juice preferences vary and mutate like food preferences. Therefore, ordering multiple kinds of juices is always a good idea. This page is designed to help you narrow down your juice preferences.

how to make eliquids flavours

E-cigarette juices range in quality. Often chemicals are added to juices to produce more vapor or different flavor, etc. The main chemicals in all e-cigarette juice are nicotine, flavor, vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol. The latter two are healthy and are the base for alle-cigarettee juice. while the effects of nicotine are obvious, the amount of nicotine our bodies consume is important. Flavors, by and large, are harmless in high-quality American juices. Chinese juices, on the other hand, can be toxic and should be avoided. The following will outline the above topics in an organized way to help you pick the right e-cigarette juices.

Finding a satisfying e-liquid is an important first step in the process of adopting e-cigarette technology. We’re here to help you in that process.

E-Cigarette Liquid Nicotine Content:

E-liquids are produced with varying levels of nicotine. Typically, nicotine levels come in increments of .6%, or 6 mg of nicotine per ml of liquid. For time and space purposes, this article will consider that latter as a standard form of measurement. The average strength of a full flavored cigarette is 1 mg of nicotine; figure you have 24 cigarettes per ml of 24 mg liquid. The average strength of a light cigarette is .8 mg of nicotine; figure you have 30 cigarettes per ml of 24 mg liquid.

If you’re a nicotine lover, like many of us, you’d be inclined to purchase the “high-test” 24mg/ml e-liquid. Be Aware: High-test e-liquid is potent. Because vaping electronic cigarettes is legal, and acceptable indoors, increases in nicotine intake are possible. If you really like the effects of nicotine, it’s recommended that you purchase some 18mg/ml or 12mg/ml eliquid on top of the 24mg/ml eliquid you already feel inclined to purchase. The idea is to be comfortable, and even nicotine enthusiasts can consume too much nicotine through e-cigarettes.