What is E-Cig

E-Cig AKA Electronic Cigarette

The term e-cig or sometimes called a Vape is used as a common abbreviation for electronic cigarettes throughout the globe.
Here at e-cig.ie we sell a large selection of e-cigs to suit any need for the vaping market.

Experience has taught us what are the top selling e-cigarettes and we are also experienced enough to inform our customers of the differences between them.

It can be very confusing when one is new to the e-cig revolution what type e-cig to buy first. That is why we have introduced a section of starter packs for new Vapours and users of electronic cigarettes.

we would recommend one particular type e-cig over the rest as our experience has shown that is the most popular for a very good reason; it offers the best consistent vaping results. The “eGo’ is the one, especially for those starting. Over time one may add or change to variable voltage battery for their e cig as they become more experienced in vaping, although there are a lot of experienced smokers that will tell you that e-cigarette is all you will ever need. It has become very popular in the Irish vaping market in the last few years.

We also offer a range of designer e-cigarettes and luxury vaping devices to cater for the most serious or fashionable e  smoker. Most of the designer brands are more expensive than our recommended e cigarette, but we like to offer a large selection to cater for all our customers.